A3 Avalanche Level 2

A3 Avalanche Level 2

Taught by A3 Certified Avalanche Instructor and A3 Professional Member
American Avalanche Association (A3) - Level 2 Course Curriculum is
Certified and Approved by the 
American Avalanche Association 

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3 Days / 24 Plus Hours / 60% Fieldwork/ $485.00
*Lodging SWS Mountain Guides Bunk House via Book at Airbnb
3 nights, with full Kitchen *Shasta Location only

Avalanche Level 2 PitAvalanche Level 2 Course taught by A3 Certified Avalanche Instructor Timothy Keating or Professional A3 Member. Course Curriculum is Certified and Approved by  American Avalanche Association  

A3 Avalanche Level 2 Course Curriculum. Avalanche Level 2 Course consists of 8 plus hours of instruction in lecture, video, discussion, and field study in the Mt. Shasta  or Bear Valley Backcountry.  At least 16+ hours of which will be spent learning hands-on in the snow.  Avalanche Level 2 Course is designed to build on the necessary information and skills developed in the Avalanche level 1 course and then explore deeper into the up to date science behind avalanches.  The goal is to give students a more technical understanding
of how avalanches develop and release so that they might be able to make safer life-saving decisions.

A3 Avalanche Level 2 Course is field study aimed to give a greater understanding of snow science and how avalanches develop and release.  A review of snow mechanics along with avalanche hazards evaluation is taught through both lectures and hands-on training.  The field study portion will focus on the newest snow assessment techniques to help develop solid decision-making in the front and backcountry.  Included in the course curriculum is the latest advances in avalanche rescue techniques & equipment. Our Level 2 course is perfect next step for a variety of winter recreationists; ski mountaineer’s backcountry skiers and climbers.

Our instructor staff for the Avalanche Level 2 Course is lead by 35+ year mountain guiding with practical avalanche experience & group decision making.  The remainder of our team comprised of mountain guides, ski patrollers, and ski/split board guides that have a wide variety of real-life experience in avalanche terrain.  Book today to get into the course that might one day save a life, maybe even yours!

Departure: Mt. Shasta, California
Group Size: Limited to  12 clients
Instructor to Client Ratio: 1:6
Prerequisites: Avalanche Level 1 or Level 1 Refresher in the last five years & course provider’s recommended reading.

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