Custom Military Mountain Training

Private and Customizable Military Training

Private and Customizable Military Training

Is your military team or organization looking for more specialized training beyond the normal scope of training?  Ensure your team has the training it needs for operating in the mountainous and alpine terrain.  SWS Mountain Guides has worked with several DOD teams and organizations to develop mountain spcific skills sets that go beyond the normal practices.

Working with highly trained mountain guides in the alpine setting can help establish individual and team skills necessary to operate further, faster, and safer in alpine settings.


Diploma of Mountain Medicine

SWS has worked with several organizations includng the Air Force Pararescue Jumpers to obtain the Wilderness Medical Society's internationally recognized Diploma in Mountain Medicine.  The program includes practical field session in avalanche education and alpine mountain climbing techniques.  This certification helps train teams and personel into a unique set of skills and users can carry on beyong their time in the service.

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We have three decades of experience working with military, veterans, state,  and corporate groups as well as private climbers, skiers, or hikers who wish to put together that special trip, the course of instruction, or expedition you have been dreaming about. You only need a group of three or four to schedule a course with your private guide priced at our regular prices. Private instruction and guiding with one or two requires a custom price quote. Contact Tim, David, or "JB" for a personalized quote for your group. Just give us a call at 888.797.6867 or request a quote below.

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