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SWS Mountain Guides Tips & Tricks

Welcome to SWS Mountain Guides collection of Mountain Tips and Mountain Tricks.  This is a resource for climbers to get ready for their upcoming trips.  You can watch the full video listing here!

Equipment Care

Ice Axe vs Ice Tool                                                        Attaching an Ice Axe to a Pack

Patching a Sleeping Pad                                               Caring for Your Rope

Sleeping Bag Care                                                        Sharpening Crampons

Rope Damage                                                               Field Cleaning Stoves

Crampon Front Points

On The Mountain

4 Tricks to Stay Warmer in Your Sleeping Bag           Breathing at Altitude

Sleeping Warmer on the Snow                                    Picking a Campsite

Altitude Sickness and Medications (Dr. Sagalyn)        Food and Altitude (Dr. Sagalyn)

Bars, GORP, and Food for the Mountain. 


Müntur Hitch                                                          The Clove Hitch

Figure 8 Tie-In

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