Mesa Rim Ice Climbing Camp

Mesa Rim Technical Ice Climbing Camp

Each winter the ice near June Lake and “The Big Leak” in Lee Vining Canyon set up to form the best ice climbing in California.  Here you can learn plenty about the technical world of ice climbing! For beginning ice climbers with necessary rock climbing or snow or mountaineering skills. A complete introduction to ice climbing the full spectrum of skills & techniques. Instruction includes proper crampon technique, tool placement, protection placement, standard belays, safety, movement on ice, energy conservation with lots of time practicing on the ice in Lee Vining Canyon.

Basic Technical Ice Climbing
Lee Vining Canyon, California

2 days / 1 night / Cost: $300.00 - Mesa Rim Membership Price / $375.00 Non-Members
Special Add: Mountain Boots & Crampons Rentals $55.00

Basic Ice ClimbingOur Basic Technical Ice climbing course designed for beginning to intermediate climbers who have basic rock climbing and snow climbing skills Two days spend on the ice learning the skills needed to climb the frozen medium. You will learn a full spectrum of climbing skills; instruction in proper crampon techniques, belays, stances, equipment selections, two tool placement, movement on ice, energy conservation, rope handling, and gear management. Join SWS Mountain Guides for a full introduction into the wild world of Technical Ice Climbing.

Departure City: Lee Vining, California
Group Size: Limited to 6 clients
Guide to Client Ratio: 1:4/5
Experience Level: For beginning to intermediate climbers with basic rock skills and snow climbing skills – rock gym experience is ok.







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