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Mt Shasta Summit Climb 

Intermediate to Advanced Routes

Casaval Ridge Ascent

Casaval Ridge - Winter/ Spring

$1,125.00 per person – 3 Days

Mt. Shasta Casaval Ridge is the stunning beautiful ridge that forms the western boundary to Avalanche Gulch. Some consider this route to be one of the longest and most aesthetic lines on the mountain. Join us for this three-day guided climb of Mt. Shasta Casaval Ridge. Only “in shape”  during the winter to late spring when there is plenty of snow to cover the rocky ridge. Steep terrain and spectacular views await the intermediate climber on this exciting route. Determination, excellent physical condition,  technical skills, steep terrain, and weather make this an excellent experience climb for Mt. Mckinley, Mexico Volcanoes, South America, or our Nepal Expeditions.

Dates 2022

March 11-13 – OPEN
April  1-3 – OPEN
April 8-10 – OPEN
April 15-17 – OPEN
May 13-15 – OPEN
May 28-30 – OPEN
June 3-5 – OPEN
* midweek departure

Hotlum Bolam Ridge

Hotlum Bolam Ridge / Shasta's Northside Route

$1,125.00 per person – 3 Days

The intermediate mountaineering ascent of the Hotlum Bolam Ridge Route is designed to increase climbers’ experience on moderate alpine routes on Mt Shasta and other Northwest Peaks. Intermediate climbers will experience a more technical and steeper way to the summit of Mt Shasta. Plus, you will be enjoying the spectacular views into far Northern California and Southern Oregon and, on clear days, views of the Southern Cascades as far as Mt. Hood. —an excellent course & climb for the next step in your alpine education.
Dates 2022

June 10-12 – OPEN
June 21-23* – OPEN
July 2-4- OPEN
4th of July
July 9-11- OPEN
August 9-11* – OPEN
August 19-21 – OPEN
September 3-5 – OPEN
Labor Day
* midweek departure

Hotlum Glacier

Hotlum Glacier Route

$1,125.00 per person  – 3 Days

The Hotlum Glacier Route is one of the best-glaciated routes on any 14er in California. Our 3-day guided ascent starts from Mt Shasta‘s Eastside and ascends up the second largest glacier in California. The route weaves through crevassed terrain and a series of 3 different ice falls circumventing Shasta’s Upper Headwall before heading towards the summit. Our Hotlum glacial route is an excellent adventure for climbers with previous ice ax, crampon, and mountain experience. An ideal climber for this trip should also be in very good to excellent physical condition and ideally have already climbed other snow and ice climbs before arriving at Mt Shasta.

Dates 2022

June 11-13 – OPEN
June 21-23 – OPEN
July 9-11 – OPEN
August 9-11 – OPEN
August 19-21 – OPEN
September 3-5 – OPEN