American Avalanche Association Avalanche Education

A3 Certified Avalanche Education

Mount Shasta & Bear Valley, CA. 

Crater Lake Nat’l Park, OR & Mt. Charleston, NV

A3 Avalanche Education

A3 Certified Avalanche Level 1

$625.00  per person / 3 Days

Mt Shasta & Bear Valley CA, Crater Lake, OR.  
Mt Charleston, NV.
A3 Avalanche Level 1 Course
 is the basic foundation for understanding avalanche hazards and developing safe travel practices in avalanche terrain.  This course contains over 26  hours of instruction comprised of classroom lectures, videos, discussions, and a minimum of at least 16 plus hours of fieldwork. Our courses are designed for all types of backcountry travelers, snowshoers, backcountry skiers, snowboarders, mountaineers, ski patrol, and mountain guides. We use a variety of systems to learn how to evaluate hazards and to develop “your avalanche judgment.”
A3 Avalanche-Level-2

A3 Certified Avalanche Level 2

$775.00 per person / 3 Days

Mt Shasta & Bear Valley Locations

A3 Avalanche Level 2 Course Curriculum. Avalanche Level 2 Course consists of 8 plus hours of instruction in lecture, video, discussion, and field study in the Mt. Shasta or Bear Valley Backcountry.  At least 16+ hours of which will be spent learning hands-on in the snow.  Avalanche Level 2 Course is designed to build on the necessary information and skills developed in the Avalanche level 1 course and then explore deeper into the up-to-date science behind avalanches.  The goal is to give students a more technical understanding of how avalanches develop and release so that they might be able to make safer life-saving decisions.

A3 Avalanche Rescue

A3 Certified Avalanche Rescue Clinic

$295.00 per person / 1 day

Mt Shasta & Bear Valley Locations

A3 Avalanche Rescue Course is a new component of the American Avalanche Associations’ (A3) progression of Avalanche Education. The fundamental goal of the course is to give participants the skills necessary to safely perform a companion or team rescue in the event of an avalanche incident. A3 Avalanche Rescue Course revolves around four core curriculum areas: Avalanche Rescue Principles, Avalanche Equipment and Applications, the Companion Rescue Process, and Avalanche Victim Basic Care.

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