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Mt. Shasta Glacier Courses

Crevasse Rescue & Glacier Travel

Crevasse Rescue & Glacier Travel Course

$975.00 per person / 3 days

The intensive Glacier Travel and Crevasse Rescue course will introduce climbers to all the techniques required for ice, snow, glacier travel, and crevasse rescue. Our base camp will be at the base of the Hotlum Glacier; We will venture to the ice falls, crevasse’s, and seracs of the lower Hotlum Glacier, where we will spend two days learning roped team travel, ice ax self-arrest, crampon techniques, technical ice climbing, use and placement of anchors in snow and ice crevasse rescue systems ( ‘C’ and ‘Z’ pulley), and glacial route finding.

Dates 2022

June 17-19 – OPEN
July 2-4 – OPEN
4th of July
July 15-17 – OPEN
August 19-21 – OPEN
September 3-5 – OPEN
Labor Day

Custom Dates are available – give us a call 888.797.6867


Hotlum Glacier Climbers

Ice and Snow Expedition Course with Summit Ascent

$1,595.00 per person / 5 days

A comprehensive mountaineering course for learning the techniques needed to climb glaciated terrain safely. For all climbers wanting to climb the snow-capped peaks of the Pacific Northwest, Mt. Mckinley, South America or the Himalayas. Our course takes you from the beginning with a review and introduction to the essential tools of ice ax and crampon techniques to rope team travel, ice climbing, ice & snow anchors and crevasse rescue skills. Includes a Shasta Summit Ascent via the Hotlum/Bolum glacier.
Dates 2022

June 20-24 – OPEN
August 10-14 – OPEN
September 7-11 – OPEN
Custom Dates are available – give us a call 888.797.6867

Hotlum Glacier climber

Mt Shasta Advanced Glacier Course with Summit Ascent

$1,695.00 per person / 4 Days

Advanced mountaineering glacier course and guided glacier ascent of Mt Shasta via a Northern Route across the Hotlum glacier. Combines advanced ice climbing instruction, crevasse rescue techniques review, advanced glacier route finding, hazard evaluation, route finding options, evaluations and overcoming route difficulties. Summiting Mt Shasta via one of several possible technical routes across the Hotlum Glacier depending on the guides evaluation of you and your team skills and experience.
Dates 2022

June -13-16 * – OPEN
August 4-7 – OPEN
September 2-5 – OPEN
*mid-week departure
Custom Dates are available – give us a call 888.797.6867