Technical Ice Climbing Guides

Lee Vining Canyon & June Lake  2 days / 1 night

Technical Ice Climbing Basic

Basic Technical Ice Climbing

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Basic Technical Ice climbing course designed for beginning to intermediate climbers who have basic rock climbing and snow climbing skills Two days spend on the ice learning the skills needed to climb the frozen medium with the best ice climbing guides, 40 yrs experience. You will learn a full spectrum of climbing skills; instruction in proper crampon techniques, belays, stances, equipment selections, two tool placement, movement on ice, energy conservation, rope handling, and gear management. Join SWS Mountain Guides for a full introduction to the wild world of Technical Ice Climbing.

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Intermediate Technical Ice Climbing

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Learning to Lead with your SWS Ice Climbing Guides, the course is designed for those people who are confident top rope ice climbers who want to expand on their skill set. Lead Ice Climbing Course focuses on reading ice safely and appropriately and developing good stances to place screws. From this point, the budding leader can learn to build anchors, mitigate hazards and start leading ice climbs independently. In addition, your Ice Climbing Guides will teach other skills taught in the course, including mixed anchors, mixed gear, and rappelling.

Tech Ice Climbing

Advanced & Mixed Ice Climbing

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For the experienced ice climber or experienced rock climber who has attended our Intermediate Ice Climbing Course. Your SWS Ice Climbing Guides is a challenging and exciting advanced technical ice course with plenty of time spent on the ice. Instruction includes:

  • Advanced tool placement.
  • Protection placement.
  • Leading on-ice practice.
  • Establishing the belay on the ice.
  • Multi-pitch ice climbing.
  • Mixed tool placement.
  • Climbing techniques for unusual conditions.
  • Using mono/dual point crampon technique.

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Basic Technical Ice Climbing – Lee Vining, CA.
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