Mt. Shasta Ascent via Clear Creek Route

Mt. Shasta Clear Creek Route

 Late Summer Ascent via Mt. Shasta Clear Creek Route

3 days /2 night / Cost: $795.00

Mt Shasta Clear CreekJoin SWS Mountain Guides for a 2-Day summit climb on Mt. Shasta Clear Creek Route. A less visited route up a more remote part of Mt. Shasta the Clear Creek route meanders between the wide-open slopes of Mud Creek Canyon and the ridge between the Konwakiton Glacier and the Watkins Glaciers. Our late season; beginners climb of Mt. Shasta which we switch over to once we deem the Avalanche Gulch route to be unsafe. While many consider the Clear Creek route to be less technical than the Avalanche Gulch route it is just as physically demanding if not more so than the Avalanche Gulch route. The scree and talus on this route have proven to be quite the challenge for our clients. There is the slight possibility that ice axes and crampons will be needed, but SWS Mountain Guides will provide them if they are, as well as the instruction on how to use them. This route is for anyone who has a desire and physical training to ascend Mt. Shasta safely via this Southeast late season route.

Departure City: Mt. Shasta, California
Group Size: Limited to 8 clients
Guide to Client Ratio: 1:4
Experience Level: Anyone in good to excellent physical condition with a desire to reach the summit of Mt. Shasta. Hiking and or Backpacking experience recommended.

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