Mt Shasta Clear Creek Route

2 days / 1 nights

Mt Shasta Clear Creek Route

Price per person


Mt Shasta Clear Creek Route meanders between the wide-open slopes of Mud Creek Canyon and the ridge between the Konwakiton Glacier and the Watkins Glaciers. Our late season; beginner’s climb of Mt Shasta, which we switch over to once we deem the Avalanche Gulch route unsafe. While many consider the Clear Creek route less technical than the Avalanche Gulch route, it is just as physically demanding, if not more so, than the Avalanche Gulch route. Scree and talus on this route have proven quite challenging for our clients. A possibility exists where ice axes and crampons are needed; if so, SWS Mountain Guides will provide them and instructions on how to use them. This route is for anyone who has a desire and physical determination to ascend Mt. Shasta safely via this Southeast late-season route.

Departure: Mt Shasta, California
Duration: 2 days / 1 nights
Skill Level: Good to excellent physical condition, hiking experience required, Backpacking experience recommended.
Group Size: 8
Guide to Guest ratio: 1:4

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“Just wanted to let you know again how great my climb and overall experience was with Richard! He was very professional, from the time he first contacted me to the time we said our goodbyes at the end. I would not hesitate to climb with him again.”

— Mt. Shasta Summit Ascent via Clear Creek –
Karen – San Antonio, Texas


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