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Mountaineering – Shasta Ice & Snow Courses

Mountaineering consists of various skillsets, and one of the basics is the use of Ice Ax and Crampons to improve mobility on snow and ice and vertical ice climbing. Mt Shasta Ice & Snow Course is the best way to begin developing your snow skills. Besides ice climbing, crampons are used to secure snow and ice travel, such as crossing glaciers. We offer a variety of training and courses to give you the basics of Ice Ax self-arrest or technical training in ice climbing. So join us and get the training needed to climb Mountains worldwide. Click on the Photos below for more information.
Ice Ax Clinic Mt Shasta

Ice Ax Self-Arrest Clinic, Mt Shasta, CA.

Mountain Clinic Mt Shasta

Mountaineering Clinic - Mt Shasta, CA.

Mt Shasta Crevasse Rescue

Crevasse Rescue & Glacier Travel - Mt Shasta

Technical Ice Climbing Lee Vining

Basic Technical Ice Climbing - Lee Vining, CA.

Tech Ice Climbing Lee Vining 2

Learning to Lead Ice Climbing, California

Bolivia Training Expedition

International Expedition Training - Bolivia

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